Start an online petition social initiative platform helps the U.S. citizens to initiate, gather support, crowdfund, submit and track petitions.

How it works?

1. Starting a petition

You complete and submit the form below, specifying the addressee and your request.

Petitions can demand a change, request a response to a publicly important question and so on. They can be addressed at city, state or federal level institutions as well as corporations.

2. Campaigning (Non profit foundation "Peticijos VSI") will run 3 months support campaign, collecting signatures and donations.

100% of the donations will go to covering agitation, legal and other petition-related expenses.

3. Submitting and tracking will provide free admistration support (submitting to the addressee, tracking, progress reporting, etc.) of any petition that gets at least 1,000 signatures and $1,000 in donations. Alternatively, the initiator can request the supporters signatures and submit the petiton him/herself.

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