Peticijos Foundation Mission Statement

Enabling Digital Democracy

Democracy is the greatest social invention of all times. It enables societies to develop faster and it helps individuals to live happier lives by granting them one of the most fundamental human virtues -- freedom. Lack of democracy causes wars and stagnation that the world can unfortunately witness even nowadays, from Russia to Cuba to North Korea and more.

Digital Democracy is the next societal evolutionary stage that enables individuals to not only select their decision-making representatives (who are still prone to incompetence, egoistic vs. societal motivation and corruption), but also participate in all major social, economic, academic and many more major life aspects directly. Voting on a specific issue has never been easier, as now it takes just a click of a button.

At Peticijos Foundation, we believe in three fundamental principles of the modern Digital Democracy.

  • Anybody can raise and important social issue (problem) and suggest a solution (action). Even an anonymous person has the right to do so, as it's not about who raised an issue, rather about how many find it important and support it.

  • Modern digital world through social media and other technologies enables spread the message lightning fast, provided the message is of a significant importance. Every sharing and supporting person are a filter of importance and compliance with social norms and moral principles.

  • Everybody can support every important change they want to occur with their votes and donations. Public opinion, even shared by many people causes very little impact without resources. Resources are needed to spread the message, to hire legal and expert support as well as other professionals to navigate the formal procedures to achieve the desired result. At Peticijos Foundation we are committed to spending 100% of the received donations on supporting the petition these donations have been received for.

Peticijos Foundation operates in two world's largest democracies -- the United States and the European Union. With some differences in the law, both regions have strong petitions legal framework. Our Foundation leverages these legal procedures to create, submit and control petitions at all government levels, from local to national. Our Foundation aims to enable a truly one-click experience by providing end to end petitions support with writing, crowdfunding, agitating and sharing, expert and legal support, submission, sharing and evaluating the results and more. Please support us if you share our vision and mission.